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Every single thing Marcus Rashford has done for a charitable cause

Marcus Rashford is fast approaching legend status on a scale that goes far beyond just Manchester United.

United’s No. 10 has often been a voice of reason during the recent troubling times with everything that has been going on in the world. And even in spite of his still young age, the mature head on Rashford’s shoulders has him leading all athletes, and people as a whole, by example.

The 22-year-old became an instant role model upon his Reds debut on that famous Europa League night against Midtjylland as he went on to live out the dreams of every young kid in the world, United fan or not. But what he has been able to do since then, particularly off the pitch, is nothing short of incredible.

Some things have been picked up more than others during the football hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but Rashford has been contributing heavily in his community, and society as a whole, for quite some time already.

Born and bred in Wythenshawe, Rashford knows all about what it’s like to have a turbulent upbringing. His noble acts are no longer surprising due to his kind heart and passion for Manchester. But they’re not any less admirable.

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There are still not a lot of people doing what Rashford is doing despite having a similar platform. And Rashford’s actions have long gone past the stage when some rival fans were accusing him of pulling PR stunts.

Rashford’s off the pitch activity has even further solidified him as a leader. As a result of his past, he is now using his platform in an attempt to help improve the lives of as many people as possible.

Here is a look at all of Marcus Rashford’s charity work to date:

  • Most recently, Rashford’s open letter to the MP’s fueled a campaign pleading for school children to continue getting funding for free meals during the summer holidays. The touching letter reflecting on some experiences of his own gained a ton of traction and produced results almost immediately. Rashford’s letter lead the way in forcing Prime Minister Boris Johnson into a ‘U-Turn’ and as a result ensured that 1.3 million children in England will not be going through the summer hungry.
  • On October 17, 2019, Rashford launched the ‘In The Box’ campaign in order to help Manchester’s homeless community. The campaign encouraged people to fill shoeboxes with essential living items in order to help some of the biggest homeless shelters in the city. The movement was a massive success as it inspired people from all over to raise money and fill boxes in order to help out. Over 1200 boxes were donated.
  • Earlier this year, in February, Rashford took it upon himself to learn sign language in order to participate in a World Book Day poetry competition as a judge to which he was invited to by a young fan via a letter. Rashford was tasked with judging poems written by deaf children in Manchester. So, in order to be able to communicate with them, he started to learn sign language. COVID-19 has since disrupted the process of the competition but Rashford said that he would still hand out the awards to the contestants in person once restrictions are lifted.
  • Also this year, upon the closure of schools due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Rashford stepped up yet again and this time, he tasked himself with providing free meals to as many of the kids that were going to be losing out of them as a result of no school as he possibly could. In order to help, Rashford partnered with FareShare in an attempt to try and help more people than the organization was already reaching. At the beginning, that number was around 1 million people a week. Following Rashford’s involvement, 1.28 million kids were provided with meals and a staggering £20 million was raised as part of the campaign.
  • Rashford is also actively involved with the United Foundation, as is expected of every Manchester United player. But in addition to that, the striker is also very active on social media, often interacting with fans and looking for ways to help, even if that’s making someone smile by just replying to them or liking their tweet. One big recent gesture from Rashford though did come through his Twitter as he granted one fans biggest wish following his recovery from cancer. In 2019, United fan John Burks planned a trip to England to celebrate his recovery with his main goal being attending a United game. The news reached Rashford through the power of social media and the striker acted imminently. Rashford provided John and his friends with tickets for a match against Brighton while also helping them secure accommodation and gifting John a signed match day shirt.

Marcus Rashford’s humble persona has always made everything that he has been doing off the pitch look like a genuine act of kindness. It’s evident. The United forward doesn’t actively seek any recognition for doing good, he’s just seeking change for the better and doing so in magnificent fashion.

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