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Bruno Fernandes aims jibe at media: “They want to talk when you lose and not when you win”

Manchester United are the two words on everyones lips each weekend and the players have grown accustomed to it but Bruno Fernandes has maintained that despite all of the background noise, it’s important to stay focused.

Fernandes has inspired the team since his arrival but insists that improvements can be made.

“I think it’s important for us inside to understand that the club has a lot of media behind,” Fernandes said. “A lot of talking and they will be talking all the time. They want to talk when you lose and not when you win because it’s better to attack than defend the club.”

“The most important thing is, inside the group, we understand what we have to do, what we have to improve and where we want to go. For me the most important thing is when we lose, we are not the worst. When you lose, you have made mistakes. You need to go to training the next day and think ‘don’t make the same mistakes. In life, it’s always like that. You will make mistakes in life, in football. Without mistakes, the goals don’t exist.

“In life, you have to understand you are not worst and you are not the best. It’s impossible to be the best because you always have time to improve. If you see Cristiano (Ronaldo) and Messi, they have proven it all seasons. Every year they do better, 11 years they fight for Ballon d’Or and they’re still improving. With the national team, I see every time how he (Ronaldo) wants to improve.

“When he wins, he understands that he needs to go to the details and improve a little more.”

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