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Dutch boss says Memphis is going through ‘tough phase’ after training ground incident

Memphis and Holland manager Danny Blind have once again reached a disagreement at the Dutch training camp, with an incident concerning Memphis’ effort levels happening prior to the 1-1 draw with Ireland.

The squad were running a warm-up drill called ‘hoedjes,’ where the players use a set of small cones to sprint through, then turn at the final cone before heading back. The entire Dutch squad properly executed the drill, except Memphis, who turned before the final cone.

Dutch boss Danny Blind spotted this, yet sympathised with the United star after having a rough debut season in the Premier League.

As reported by, Blind told De Telegraaf: “I’m not saying anything about how he is or what he’s doing. I talk to him about that.

“He’s going through a tough phase. That is clear.

“It’s been a tough season for him, where he played less and less. That wasn’t good for his confidence and rhythm.”

Memphis moved to United after a stellar season with PSV Eindhoven, yet has failed to hit the ground running in Manchester. It is clear that his lack of playing time at Old Trafford has affected him, with the player posting a video on his social media platforms saying that it made him frankly ‘p****d off.’

What happened on the Dutch training ground was a minor incident, but clashes with players such as ex-Red Robin van Persie and Holland manager Blind have happened in the past, so the 22-year-old may just have to step it up a notch in the future.

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