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Watch: José Mourinho stars in hilarious prank on YouTube football experts

Manchester United manager José Mourinho has been up to no good, as he crashed a debate between YouTube football experts for Top Eleven.

The Special One fed information through an earpiece to an unsuspecting cleaner, who continued to interrupt the discussion with her seemingly expert knowledge of the game.

To the panellists’ surprise, the cleaner completely showed them up with her facts, stats and opinions about the upcoming Euro 2016 tournament.

As expected, the social media giants were left stunned and speechless as the cleaner fed them with endless knowledge of the beautiful game – little did they know, one of the greatest managers in football was behind it all.

See what happened in the video below:

United will probably be hoping that their newly appointed boss gets down to work sooner or later, but the sense of humour shown by the 53-year-old here is second to none.

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