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FIFA to investigate Paul Pogba’s transfer to Manchester United

AFP are reporting that FIFA will investigate the sale of Paul Pogba from Juventus to Manchester United. This will be a cause for concern at first glance, especially with the risk of transfer bans looming for European clubs, but the issue will most likely not be in the path of Manchester United, but in Juventus and Mino Raiola’s.

Football Leaks published in their new book that Mino Raiola would be earning over £41m from the world record deal to bring Paul Pogba back to Manchester. Now this is split into 3 separate parts/payments.

  • % of the actual transfer fee (£22.8m)
  • Future payments paid in instalments (£16.39m)
  • Extra payment to Mino Raiola’s agency based in Monaco (£2.2m). This would be paid through Pogba as the player owed it.

It was also revealed that Pogba earns £165,588 a week – surprisingly low for a player of his calibre. Pogba will receive  £3.46m for every year he stays at the club, up until 2018/19, where he will earn £3.78m per season he stays. The player will receive bonuses for things such as qualifying for the Champions League and and winning single games.

Juventus agreed to pay Mino Raiola’s payments from the transfer, therefore keeping Manchester United well clear of any trouble. United like to keep transfers clean and this seems to be the case here.

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