Vidal an ‘ideal target’ for Mourinho

Photo: Agencia Uno

Bayern Munich midfielder Arturo Vidal is reportedly an ‘ideal’ summer signing for United boss José Mourinho, as per a report from the Manchester Evening News.

United will be expected to invest in new central-midfield recruits over the course of the summer, with Michael Carrick retiring and Marouane Fellaini’s future at Old Trafford up in the air.

Vidal, 30, could leave the Allianz Arena this summer after the German club agreed to sign Leon Goretzka from Schalke, potentially pushing the Chilean enforcer down the pecking order.

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United looked a different side when Paul Pogba was out with injury earlier in the campaign, so signing a midfielder such as Vidal, who shares similar aspects of power and athleticism as the Frenchman, could plug potential holes in the 2018/19 season.

Mourinho has spent heavily in the central midfield area, bringing in Pogba and Matic over the past two seasons, and he is expected to do no different when the summer transfer window comes around.

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