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Sergio Romero reveals he has been tested for coronavirus after returning to Argentina

Sergio Romero has revealed that he has been tested for coronavirus after a long trip back to his native Argentina.

It’s almost two months since United last played now and Romero has joined Victor Lindelöf, who is in Sweden, in returning to where it all began.

It is however believed that Manchester United expect their players to be ready to return to full training within 48 hours notice.

Romero left for Argentina one day before the UK went into lockdown last month but reveals that people did follow social distancing rules at the airport and also that he did test negative for the novel virus.

“I came back to Argentina on March 22,” Romero told United’s official app.

“I did my traveling, which was really, really hard, because I went in a car from Manchester to London.

“After that I took a plane from London to Paris. Not many people were in the airport, but all the people were keeping a safe distance from each other.

“All of the people were looking nervous or badly to the other people, because sometimes someone does this [sneezes].  Maybe they didn’t have anything, but the people looked a bit strange [at them] and took their distance.

“In the plane, I flew Paris to Buenos Aires, 14 hours. I just sit my body in the plane and I don’t move for 14 hours. I don’t eat, I don’t go to the toilet, because you never know how is the people.

“I stayed in a hotel for two weeks after they did the test in my nose and my mouth and I waited three more days in the hotel and, after the result is negative, I came to my house with my family.”

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