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Manchester United named 3rd most valuable club in world football

Manchester United are the most valuable club in the Premier League and the third most across the world, as Brand Finance Football’s annual report shows.

Valued at £1.190 billion, only Barcelona (£1.280 billion) and Real Madrid (£1.286 billion) are ranked higher than the Red Devils.

These latest findings come during the global pandemic, with a large majority of clubs around Europe taking a big financial hit. United’s value has dropped by £143 million (-11%), whilst Real Madrid’s has decreased by £205 million (-14%), in comparison to last year.

The coronavirus’ impact on revenue streams for sports teams is simply unprecedented. No match-day experiences result in no tickets being sold and a drop in merchandise sales. Broadcasting has also been negatively effected, on the back of the hiatus of the game itself. For the first time in six years, ‘the total value of the top 50 football brands’ has decreased.

One of the biggest things to take away from this reading though, from a United perspective, is that the club survived the financial hit. Despite recording a 11% drop in value, the Red Devils are still ranked third in world football. They are the top dogs in England, with Champions League football to come over the next 12 months – COVID-19 pending of course.

Such numbers should make fans a little precarious heading into this summer though, as the harsh reality is that not many clubs will be able to invest like usual. These have been unprecedented times and the economy is still in survival mode.

The top ten most valuable clubs in world football:

  • 1. Real Madrid – £1.286 billion
  • 2. Barcelona – £1.280 billion
  • 3. Manchester United – £1.190 billion
  • 4. Liverpool – £1.143 billion
  • 5. Manchester City – £1.018 billion
  • 6. Bayern Munich – £957 million
  • 7. Paris Saint-Germain – £876 million
  • 8. Chelsea – £859 million
  • 9. Tottenham Hotspur – £710 million
  • 10. Arsenal – £651 million
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