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A glimpse into Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s managerial approach to players

It would be a fair assessment in stating that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer possesses a ‘nice guy’ persona. The Baby faced assassin carries a congenial approach, and seems a welcoming figure.

Such traits have helped him succeed in rebuilding Manchester United’s squad, instilling a rejuvenated and much more stable environment around Old Trafford and Carrington. He has the player’s full backing and support, having filtered out most of those figures that were around for the wrong reasons.

Solskjaer is highly talked of within the club, and it seems as though this personal approach that he adopts to his training methods, is exactly what the current United squad needed.

His managerial methods have always centred around this charismatic persona, as revealed by Jamie Jackson on the JGI Podcast.

Whilst researching about the Norwegian’s managerial roots, the Manchester football correspondent for the Guardian explained: “When I was talking to people, say he managed at Molde, even at Cardiff, or who he played alongside, when they were talking about him, they almost seemed to light up.

“They still really liked him all these years later, it wasn’t just as a manager, but also a person to be around. He made them feel good about themselves.”

Such comments are refreshing to hear as a United supporter, as Solskjaer likes to adopt a hands on approach to his players. He likes to create a collective feel with his squad, as we have seen through the early stages of his rebuild at the club.

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