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Manchester United goes above and beyond during COVID-19 pandemic

There have been many complaints from supporters in recent times about the way in which Manchester United is run. No supporter, however, can be critical about the way in which the club and its players have conducted themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic. From the club refusing to furlough any non-playing staff to Marcus Rashford raising funds to feed schoolchildren that relied on school meals, the club and its players have been fantastic role models for the football community and athletes alike.

The club have now one-upped themselves. Manchester United Foundation has now setup a programme in collaboration with supporters’ clubs around the world which makes them eligible towards a share of £240,000 in order to help alleviate the social and economic impact of the coronavirus in their respective communities. This contribution from MU Foundation takes their total commitment to COVID-19 related activities above £1 million.

Each supporters’ club will be offered a sum of up to £1000 earmarked for youth charities in their areas that are working to alleviate the negative impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

Secretary of the Nottingham Manchester United Supporters’ Club, Lindsay Roe, said: “We are delighted to be part of the initiative, which will benefit many children’s charities around the world”.

Furthermore, this effort from United stands to benefit many of international communities as well. Joseph Tedesco, President of the Malta Supporters’ Club, said: “Our international support is one of the things that makes Manchester United special.”

This is a lovely gesture from the Manchester United Foundation. Doing good for the community, both in Manchester and around the world, is part of the fabric of Manchester United. This is the epitome of Man United being a Manchester club, with a global family.

This pandemic has made the future look bleak, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A light shining brighter thanks to all the good Manchester United is doing.


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