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Marcus Rashford’s charity efforts helps feed over three million children in the UK

Marcus Rashford has always been one to help suffering communities and people in need and his latest contribution has helped feed over three millions children in the United Kingdom.

A huge role model for aspiring footballers around the world, Rashford has gone above and beyond once again.

Manchester United’s top scorer regularly visited schools before the coronavirus lockdown and has been helping to feed children in need for over a year, involving the UK citizens as well as using his big public image for a good cause.

“Guys, I have amazing news!,” Marcus wrote in a Tweet on Thursday.

“We had a goal that by the end of June, @FareShareUK would be able to supply 3 million meals to vulnerable people across the UK. Today we have met the financial goal to provide these meals. Thank you all so much for the support.”

This incredible feat will only spur Rashford on if his footballing career is anything to go by and the Wythenshawe-born winger insists that he will continue to fight for what he believes in.

“Trust me when I say, I will keep fighting until no child in the UK has to worry about where their next meal is coming from. This is England in 2020 and families need help,” he continued on Twitter.

Marcus Rashford was recognized for his effort during the coronavirus lockdown by receiving a certificate from the High Sheriff of Greater Manchester last month.

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